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There’s No Way Around Reduced Caloric Intake When Trying to Lose Weight

A new online tool developed and published by the National Institutes of Health shows exactly what a person needs to do in terms of physical activity and caloric intake to lose weight. Based on a person’s sex, height, and weight, the app will give informed estimates as to the number of calories a person needs to consume to maintain or lose weight at a rate selected by the individual.

Unfortunately, while calorie reduction is absolutely necessary for obese patients to lose weight, it can be an extremely difficult and often nearly impossible task. While it is true that losing weight and keeping it off requires a large amount of energy in terms of planning, monitoring, and regulating diet, weight loss surgery can turn that seemingly insurmountable burden into an achievable goal. But, while bariatric procedures have been shown time and time again to help obese patients lose weight, these patients still need to decide which type of weight loss surgery is right for them.

  • Gastric Band – The main reason that patients select a gastric band, specifically the Lap Band, is that it is shown to have the lowest rate of mortality and serious complications. The Lap Band was introduced to the public in the early 2000s as a much less severe answer to the gastric bypass procedure, which is designed to fundamentally alter how patients digest food. Additionally, notes BHP, the Lap Band procedure is entirely reversible.
  • Gastric Sleeve – Regarded by many as a middle ground between the Lap Band and the Gastric Bypass, the sleeve gastrectomy procedure is shown to have a relatively low rate of complications, but also helps patients lose weight quicker than with the Lap Band. Also, some patients are comforted knowing that no foreign objects have to be implanted in their body as a result of the procedure.

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