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The Significance of America’s Strict Medical Standards

The CDC has warned individuals interested in getting plastic surgeries against undergoing their procedures in foreign countries due to the numerous cases of surgery infections in the Dominican Republic, according to a recent article on WebMD. At BHP, we have long noted that medical tourism puts the patient at a greater risk for complications and infections, because health codes in foreign countries are often not as strict as the health standards in the United States. The good news is that patients can benefit from a variety of extremely safe and cutting-edge plastic surgery procedures available in the U.S., such as:

Breast Augmentation – One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures sought after by medical tourists is a breast augmentation. BHP notes that, for a breast augmentation to be both successful and safe, it must be performed by a highly skilled plastic surgeon working in an operating room which meets the highest standards of safety and hygiene. While patients may be enticed by the reduced initial costs of these surgeries in a foreign country, the potential risks and complications can make this seemingly cost-saving alternative, extremely costly both to their future health and finances.


Tummy Tuck – The tummy tuck is another popular plastic surgery procedure commonly sought after in foreign countries.  The Los Angeles based medical group notes that the safest and most cutting-edge methods are more likely to be utilized by leading plastic surgeons that follow extremely strict standards of safety and cleanliness such as the ones in the United States.

Buttock Enhancements – Popular buttock enhancement procedures like the Brazilian butt lift are often sought after in other countries because of their lower costs and the added bonus of vacationing while in recovery. However, BHP notes that while these reasons may initially entice patients to undergo their procedures internationally, a buttock enhancement procedure is properly performed by highly experienced and extremely skilled surgeons who hold themselves to the highest standards of health and hygiene.  

Patients should keep their health and well-being in mind when considering plastic surgery both at home and internationally. Plastic surgery procedures performed by extremely experienced surgeons under the strictest standards not only help ensure the safety of the patient, but can also ensure the most ideal results. 

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