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Don’t Let Foot Pain Nail You Down

Heel pain or pain on the bottom of the foot could be caused by common conditions such as plantar fasciitis or heel spur. The pain from such conditions is usually worse in the morning when getting up from bed or prolong period of rest. Plantar fascia is a thick band of...

Myths about Bunion and Foot Surgery

Bunion is a disorder of the big toe joint causing a boney prominence. Surgery is commonly performed to relieve the bunion pain.  Some people simply avoid bunion surgery because they may have “heard” some false information about the fixing the bunion....

Fix Your Feet and Help Your Game

Are you experiencing pain and discomfort that is holding back your game? Believe it or not pain you experience in your ankles, knees, hips, and lower back can be directly related to your feet and how you walk. Your entire lower extremity and your cortical spine are...
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