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Standing Desks: No Obesity Cure-All

According to a new study, using standing desks only burns two extra calories every 15 minutes when compared to sitting throughout an 8 hour work day. These findings only further underline the importance of weight loss procedures that can actually produce a significant weight loss. Fortunately, severely obese patients can benefit from a variety of highly effective and extremely safe weight loss surgery procedures:

Gastric Sleeve – Of all the procedures available to severely obese patients, sleeve gastrectomy is among the most popular and proven. This procedure involves removing a large portion of the stomach and then sewing the remainder into a sleeve, dramatically limiting the amount of food the stomach can comfortably hold. Especially because of an additional impact in terms of lowering the production of hunger-inducing hormones in the body, this method is found by many patients to be especially powerful.

Lap-Band – Oftentimes, severely obese patients decide to undergo gastric banding procedures, the best known being Lap-Band. The procedure utilizes a band that divides the upper part of the stomach and enables the patient to feel full after consuming a small amount of food. The band is typically then adjusted by the weight loss surgeon to maximize results. In instances where bands may not produce sufficient results or if issues have occurred from a procedure obtained elsewhere, the Los Angeles medical group notes that patients can also benefit from weight loss revision surgery.

Orbera Gastric Balloon – Patients who do not qualify for weight loss surgery have the option of undergoing a new non-surgical weight loss procedure that has been used successfully abroad for some time. The Orbera gastric balloon is endoscopically placed into the patient’s stomach and then inflated so that patients feel full after eating small amounts of food and can then more easily lose their excess weight. The procedure is temporary, but patients report powerful impacts.


If you are considering having any of these procedures done with us at BHP, know that our patients who successfully lose weight and may then have to deal with loose folds of skin and other issues, can be helped by our team of leading plastic surgeons with the very latest in body contouring procedures.

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