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New Beginnings with Weight Loss Surgery at Beverly Hills Physicians

Bariatric patients often begin surgery at a low point, but increasingly reliable procedures and revision techniques are helping many to forge new lives

Beverly Hills Physicians offers the very latest advances in weight loss surgery – including sleeve gastrectomy, lap bands, and Rou-en-Y gastric bypass and revision procedures – because we all deserve a new beginning. Let’s face it, even losing an extra ten or 20 pounds around the midsection can be trying. The struggles faced by the severely obese, who often are trying to lose in excess of 100 pounds, are that much greater. It’s no wonder why so many people stop trying to lose weight despite the health concerns and low self-esteem that accompany obesity.

The good news is that it’s never the wrong time to make a new beginning. The leading weight loss surgeons of Beverly Hills Physicians are ready to provide help with the latest techniques including the lap band, which many new weight loss patients choose because it is both adjustable and reversible. The highly effective gastric sleeve is also an increasingly popular option for new patients and is less invasive than the older gastric bypass procedure.

Of course, bariatric surgery is not a magic wand. There are times when surgeries performed by other doctors may fail for a number of reasons, including a lack of proper follow-up care. Going through a procedure only to find that you’re either not losing the weight you’d hoped to lose, or worse, that you’re experiencing the uncomfortable symptoms of a failed weight loss surgery, is never fun. Even during the most difficult times, however, there’s absolutely no need to give up hope.

The expert surgeons of Beverly Hills Physicians are here to perform revision surgeries for all bariatric procedures, including lap band conversions to gastric sleeves, which are sometimes needed when the initial operation does not produce the needed weight loss. These first-rate surgeons have a long record of success in performing the most complex bariatric procedures.

The fact of the matter is revision surgery is often more challenging than initial surgeries. That’s just one reason why your choice of Beverly Hills Physicians will make a tremendous difference. Aside from the skill of our highly acclaimed weight loss surgeons, our entire medical team is devoted to providing the kind of outstanding follow-up you’ll need following a procedure. In addition to our staff of medical doctors, we offer the services of a registered dietitian as well as a therapist focusing on the issues brought up by bariatric surgery and weight loss.

Beverly Hills Physicians is truly here to help with all aspects of weight loss surgery, including financing. Most insurance companies now offer coverage for weight loss procedures, but copays and deductibles may still vary and some patients may have little or no medical coverage. Beverly Hills Physicians is dedicated to the idea that a modest pocketbook should not prevent a new beginning. Our compassionate and friendly consultants are here to help by constructing payment plans that can fit comfortably into just about any budget.

If you are dealing with a seemingly impossible weight problem, or the disappointment of a failed bariatric procedure, now is the time for your new beginning.  For further information call Beverly Hills Physicians at 800-788-1416 or visit the web site at www.beverlyhillsphysicians.com

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