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Liposuction Volume Outlines New Criteria that Aim to Reinforce the Safety of Liposuction

According to a recent journal article published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the volume of fat that is safe to be extracted in a single liposuction procedure should be determined through a variety of factors, with the primary consideration being the patient’s Body Mass Index (BMI). The study concluded that 100 ml of extracted fat (Lipoaspirate) per each unit of BMI is a safe baseline for determining how much fat should be extracted from each patient. The study noted that extracting more than 100 ml of lipoaspirate per unit of BMI led to an increased risk of complications. Because liposuction is extremely safe when performed by a qualified and attentive plastic surgeon, surgeons should abide by such guidelines in order to ensure that this very safe procedure remains so.

While the exact number of 100 ml per unit of BMI is a new guideline expressed by the study, the general idea that surgeons could safely extract more lipoaspirate from patients with higher BMIs has been known by plastic surgeons for years.

It’s an intuitive idea: because patients with a higher BMI also typically have more body fat that makes up a larger percentage of their body’s mass, a larger volume of lipoaspirate can be removed while still removing the same percentage of a person’s fat. Since more fat removed means a larger overall change that the body must adjust to, removing somewhat less tissue means a patient is more likely to seamlessly transition into their new size without any unexpected complications.

Although a liposuction procedure is an outstanding way to get rid of fat in problem areas, it is in no way a cure for obesity. For those who need to lose a serious amount of weight to shed their severe obesity and any weight related health problems, our BHP doctors may often suggest weight loss surgery.

For more information on liposuction or on surgical and nonsurgical weight loss methods, feel free to give us a call any time.

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