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Liposuction in Beverly Hills and Much More

Liposuction in Beverly Hills and Much More

Bringing a new life into the world is a huge accomplishment. Your child should make you feel proud, and be a new source of joy in your life. The post-pregnancy body – that’s another story. Many women are unsatisfied with their bodies after having a baby, because being pregnant can lead to weight gain, stretch marks, and excess skin. Your body changes a lot while you are pregnant, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look your best. Beverly Hills Physicians offers a package called the Mommy Makeover, which is a full suite of procedures like our skilled tummy tuck Beverly Hills moms demand.

The tummy tuck is the main part of the Mommy Makeover at Beverly Hills Physicians. This procedure removes excess skin and fat deposits after you have shed as much baby weight as your body will allow. This leaves you with a flat stomach with toned skin and muscles underneath. Our physicians are some of the most skilled and sought-after in Southern California, so we can not only tuck your tummy, we can tone your muscles, and remove stubborn fatty deposits with liposuction in Beverly Hills and our other locations.

As a new mom, you may also be interested in our breast augmentation in Beverly Hills, or through our other convenient locations. Breast shape grows as changes as you go through pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing – but with our breast augmentation specialists’ help, you can get your original bust, no problem! Contact us today to ask about the Mommy Makeover! 

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