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Lap Band Surgery at Beverly Hills Physicians Could be the Start of a New Life for You

If you have been considering your weight loss options but you feel you have exhausted nonsurgical methods such as calorie counting, exercise and other programs, you may be a good candidate for the lap band. This medical device is actually a simple, adjustable silicone gastric band that is fastened around the uppermost part of the stomach to create a small stomach pouch, thus limiting the capacity of how much a patient can eat in one sitting. Patients also feel full much longer after eating, because the process of digestion is slower as food goes through the site of the band onto the lower part of the stomach and onward to rest of the digestive system.

Lap band surgery is the least invasive and safest of all bariatric procedures, and the procedure is performed routinely at Beverly Hills Physicians. It involves no cutting, stapling or rerouting of the intestinal tract, and no permanent alterations to the digestive system. This means that the procedure is reversible, if for some reason the patient decides they would no longer like the lap band device. However, patients should be aware that once the device is removed, the stomach reverts to its original, full capacity and the patient often begins to gain back the weight they lost. Less than 1% of patients opt to have their lap band removed, as most can simply have it loosened to feel as though they no longer have the lap band.

If you are interested in having the lap band or gastric sleeve in Beverly Hills, look to Beverly Hills Physicians to help get you on the right track for your weight loss journey. We offer FREE educational seminars throughout Southern California, as well as FREE initial consultations to our prospective patients who are interested in bariatric surgery. For you convenience, we have many locations in Southern California. Come visit us in Beverly Hills, Encino, Thousand Oaks, Valencia, Pasadena, Long Beach or Oxnard.

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