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Don’t Spend Another Spring and Summer Indoors Because of Your Weight, says Beverly Hills Physicians

Severe obesity can make outdoor fun difficult or nearly impossible; bariatric surgery gives patients the chance to break free of their condition

The spring and summer months are a time for outdoor fun but, for seriously obese people, participating in even fairly mild physical activity can sometimes seem all but impossible. If you’re considering a weight loss operation such as a lap bandor a sleeve gastrectomy to free yourself from the burden of obesity, Beverly Hills Physicians suggests that this spring might be an excellent time to get started.

While many overweight people are concerned with their appearance, the problems that keep very obese people from enjoying their summer go well beyond body image. Seriously obese people often lack the energy to move around. Many have had to give up their favorite outdoor sports and pastimes, while others might become winded after a short stroll. Parents often have a hard time keeping up with their children, and many are justifiably concerned about their long term health. The good news is that obtaining such highly effective surgeries as a gastric sleeve from the outstanding weight loss surgeons of Beverly Hills Physicians can help obese people reclaim their health and free them to start pursuing the outdoor activities they love.

While there are a number of important differences, a lap band surgery, sleeve, or gastric bypass operation all work on similar principles. Each greatly reduces the capacity of the stomach and results in a significantly reduced appetite. These operations have been proven effective in terms of enabling severely obese people to escape the nearly irresistible hunger pangs that make permanent weight loss so difficult. 

As effective as these operations are, however, some lifestyle modifications are still going to be needed. With Beverly Hills Physicians, however, you won’t have to go it alone. Aside from the follow-up work of caring and compassionate surgeons, the network also includes skilled medical professionals providing outstanding nutritional and psychological counseling specifically designed for weight loss surgery patients.

Patients who make the necessary changes and benefit from the rapid but safe weight loss usually associated with bariatric surgery can once again begin to enjoy the outdoor activities they once loved. For many, it can be something as simple as the ability to play with their children for an extended period of time; for others, it might be a more ambitious sporting activity. A number of our patients now enjoy tennis, dancing, swimming, hiking, and basketball, among other challenging pastimes.

Your choice of medical providers for a weight loss procedure makes an enormous difference. Beverly Hills Physicians is dedicated to ensuring that its patients receive the finest possible care and support throughout the process of weight loss. Bariatric procedures require the work of highly skilled and experienced surgeons able to accomplish these procedures effectively and with the highest level of safety.

If you are ready to greet the great outdoors and get started on your new life, now is the time to contact Beverly Hills Physicians. Please call 800-788-1416 or visit the medical group’s web site at www.beverlyhillsphysicians.com.  

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