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Breast Augmentation After Weight Loss

Breast Augmentation After Weight Loss

If you had been severely overweight or obese, and have since successfully lost a lot of weight, you have accomplished an amazing feat. Beverly Hills Physicians congratulates you on your success! We also know that, even with diet and exercise to keep you healthy and youthful, you may still find imperfections that nag at your, and make you feel less than amazing. That’s why we have Southern California’s best plastic surgeons and cosmetic specialists at all of our locations across the greater Los Angeles area. From tummy tuck in Beverly Hills, to a brow lift in Pasadena, we have a location with a specialist that can help you today.

Among many of our popular procedures, one of the most popular is breast augmentation in Beverly Hills. Women who lose a great deal of weight often find a dramatic shift in their bodies – this is mostly for the best, and Beverly Hills Physicians is happy for you. But our specialists also know that, no matter how much you diet and exercise, there might still be lingering, irritating pockets of fat, uneven places, and saggy skin. A breast augmentation can lift the bust and shape it to match your new, amazing figure. Breast augmentations are great for mothers, too, whose bodies perhaps didn’t rebound from pregnancy as much as they would have wanted.

Maybe you’re thinking about a liposuction in Beverly Hills, but you’re concerned about the cost. Stop worrying and call us! Our knowledgeable representatives can discuss a variety of financing options. 

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