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Are Extra Large (XL) Implants for You?

If you are thinking about getting extra large implants, aka XL breast implants, that is your decision and no one else’s. Dr. John Lynn Baeke of Beverly Hills Physicians is here to help his patients achieve the look they desire, and he deeply respects his patients’ choices. Dr. Baeke understands that, while he is a leading authority on the topic of aesthetic medicine, you are the world’s ultimate authority on the topic of you! 

There are many reasons why people may seek out extra-large breasts, including just a feeling that they would be the perfect finishing touch that would help them to stand out in a crowd. Women in show business might understand that in a highly competitive marketplace, where even tremendous talent and determination are not always enough, standing out with a dramatic figure can make all the difference – it certainly didn’t hurt the careers of universally beloved country-music legend Dolly Parton, popular actors like Sophia Vergara or Christina Hendrix, as well as such classic era superstars as Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, and Jayne Mansfield. 

As long as patients truly want the procedure for themselves, there’s no bad reason to want XL implants. Nevertheless, it’s important for a patient contemplating the procedure to understand how the procedure differs from getting smaller implants.

Am I a Candidate for XL Implants?

Any surgery is serious business and not everyone is a candidate for any procedure. Most XL breast implant patients already have good-sized implants. Women without implants who may eventually want XL implants, however, will usually need to start with smaller implants. For these patients and others, a tissue expansion technique may be used.

What Type of Implant is Used for XL Implants?

Unlike other types of augmentation, XL procedures always require the use of saline implants. These products are comprised of silicone but, instead of silicone gel, are filled with a saltwater solution. This allows Dr. Baeke to customize the size of implants by adding more solution. Using the saline solution means that, in the event of a rupture at some point, the moisture will harmlessly enter the patient’s system and be processed in the usual way.

Are There Long-Term Issues with XL Implants?

Every choice in life has pros and cons and XL implants are no different. Patients should be aware that XL breast implants that might be ideal relatively early in life are likely to eventually become problematic. Over time, gravity and aging can lead to sagging and discomfort. In most cases, smaller implants and breast lift surgery should alleviate those concerns.  

I Think I’m Ready for XL Implants – What Next?

The next step is to set up a consultation with Dr. Baeke. Feel free to reach out by phone or by filling out the form on this page.

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