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Your Ideal Weight is Possible

Your Ideal Weight is Possible

Just because you’ve struggled with obesity for years doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to get to a healthier weight now. Many people find that traditional methods of shedding pounds like diet and exercise don’t work for reasons like having years of bad habits, persistent hormones that tell you are hungry even when you have eaten more than enough food, pain keeping you from exercising, and general lack of motivation. However, if you enlist the services of Beverly Hills Physicians, it’s easier than ever to lose weight and keep it off with procedures like Lap Band and sleeve gastrectomy in Los Angeles.

Beverly Hills Physicians has many weight loss options that are designed for different lifestyles. If you’re hesitant about getting surgery or are not a candidate for a bariatric surgery because you are not severely obese, the ORBERA balloon weight loss procedure may be worth looking into. In this treatment, a doctor places a balloon in your stomach with a tube, through the mouth, and fills it. This balloon will make you feel full, so that you can lose weight over a period of 6 months. However, if you meet the definition of severe obesity, there are surgical options like Lap Band and gastric sleeve that have many years of successful results behind them.

Since Beverly Hills Physicians has offices all over Southern California, it’s simple to find an office near you. Each of our facilities features the latest technology, friendly staff, and the leading surgeons in the industry. We offer free consultation to each of our new potential patients, in which we can discuss your weight loss options, set up appointments, and answer any questions you have about the process. Learn more about procedures like a gastric sleeve by booking an appointment today.

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