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Why Wait?

Ask anyone who works at a gym or a weight loss clinic or center, January is perpetually one of the busiest times. We all know why – people make New Year’s resolutions the day after eating and/or drinking themselves into a stupor on December 31st. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with using a milestone like the start of a new year to make a positive change in one’s life, even if most people find themselves skipping days at the gym by early February and forgetting they even had a membership by mid-March. Enough people get enough benefit out of at least making an attempt at improving their fitness and health to make it a worthwhile shot, even if the gyms are often nearly empty by April.

However, we’d like to propose an alternative. One of the many reasons people who want to make changes in their life face is a sort of all-or-nothing approach. People tend to feel like they either have to spend every day eating an ultra-light spa diet and working out for two hours at the gym, or they might as well take up a strictly meat-and-potatoes (and dessert!) routine and binge watch everything on  Netflix.  The way to go is to set realistic expectations for yourself and to find out how you can be healthier while also enjoying your life and not feeling constantly deprived. Going from one extreme to the other has never been the way to go.

Starting your new regime even as the holiday season is still underway is an outstanding way to figure out how you’re going to integrate a healthy lifestyle into your overall life. People who are healthy don’t skip holiday parties because they’re afraid of food and drink, they do their best to manage things – maybe exercising a little more and trying to only enjoy one of two of their absolute favorite treats instead of ransacking the buffet and feeling like a force-fed goose afterwards. The trick is to not set your expectations too high. It’s likely that you won’t lose a great deal of weight over the holidays but, once they’re over and everybody else starts trying to lose their holiday weight, you’ll have a healthy head start.

By the way, BHP offers support for people trying to get in shape in many ways. From liposuction for fit people to get rid of stubborn fat pockets, to weight loss coaches for men and women who are trying to lose some weight, to bariatric procedures for the obese and severely obese, we’re here to help

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