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Why Wait To Start Toward A Healthy Future?

Why Wait To Start Toward A Healthy Future?

According to recent medical data, the lifespan of someone suffering with severe obesity is projected to be up to 20 years shorter than their peers of a healthy weight. The dangers of severe obesity make the need for weight loss much more than a cosmetic issue. Though achieving a slimmer figure tends to improve self-esteem and confidence, it also drastically reduces the chance of developing life threatening medical conditions such as heart attack, diabetes, and stroke. Our renowned team at Beverly Hills Physicians is dedicated to your health and wellbeing, and we provide high quality weight loss surgery for patients ready to pursue a healthier, happier version of themselves.

Many people suffering with severe obesity are well aware of the serious associated health risks, but feel reaching a normal weight to be out of reach. It’s not uncommon for a severely obese individual to either put off the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, or to give up entirely. This outlook is entirely understandable because the obstacles facing a severely obese individual are quite substantial. At Beverly Hills Physicians, we understand that beating severe obesity isn’t simply a matter of motivation and willpower. Traditional methods like diet and exercise fail to produce the necessary results a striking 99% of the time. On the other hand, bariatric procedures we provide, such as the gastric sleeve, are consistently proven to be safe and effective, allowing patients to reach the weight necessary for improved health and a longer lifespan. Here at Beverley Hills Physicians, all of the bariatric procedures performed by our world class team yield superior results. Whether you’re in need of a Lap Band, or Lap Band revision to gastric sleeve you’ll always be in good hands.

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