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Weight Loss Treatment that Works

Sometimes it may feel as if every time you turn on the television or check out your online newsfeed, you’re reading about an allegedly miraculous new weight loss treatment. Most of these sound too good to be true and, alas, they really are too good to be true – especially if you are severely obese and need to lose a great deal more than just 10 or 20 pounds. At Beverly Hills Physicians, we offer an approach that really does work: weight loss surgery.

The fact of the matter is that such procedures as the Lap Band and the gastric sleeve have been proven to provide consistently successful results for very obese patients. While it’s not too surprising that many of us tend to focus on the cosmetic side of weight loss, this is a procedure with genuine and powerful medical effects. From remissions of type 2 diabetes to improvements in cognitive function and possibly cutting the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease later in life, a host of very real medical benefits have been strongly associated with successful weight loss procedures.

Of course, whether you are obtaining your first bariatric surgery or seeking a lap band revision to gastric sleeve, where you go for a bariatric procedure matters a great deal. At Beverly Hills Physicians we are proud to offer the services of many of the very finest bariatric specialists working in the Greater Los Angeles area and Southern California. Aside from providing the very finest in medical care, we also pride ourselves on offering support through the work of our outstanding consultants. Whether it’s working out the details of insurance or the logistics of getting to and from procedure, we are here to provide complete support and a weight loss treatment that really works.

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