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Weight Loss Surgery Revision from Beverly Hills Physicians is Effective

At Beverly Hills Physicians, we provide beauty and wellness solutions from head to foot, including exceptional podiatry and a number of weight loss options. Our board certified doctors are experienced at achieving life-changing results with procedures like lap-band, bariatric treatment, and revision weight loss surgery.

After undergoing a weight loss procedure with a lesser surgical team, it is not unusual to experience less-than satisfying results. They may deal with symptoms like repeated vomiting after meals, severe acid reflux and chronic gastric pain – in some cases, stomach capacity may even increase, leading to more severe weight issues. Fortunately, the incredible team at BHP is able to provide a truly stunning weight loss surgery revision that frequently leads to healthy, life-changing results. Using state-of-the-art treatment, our procedures can be recreated, lengthened or resized with tremendous success.

Like nearly any revision treatment, revision weight loss can be a particularly complex procedure to undergo, necessitating the skill of a truly experienced and first-rate medical team. Fortunately, at BHP, our board-certified specialists are celebrated throughout the region for providing sensational treatment throughout the entirety of the weight loss journey. They will even remain in contact throughout the recovery period, assisting patients with diet and exercise regimens, and offering empathy and advice.

Whether they are seeking looking revision weight loss treatment or their first sleeve gastrectomy, Los Angeles residents are increasingly choosing BHP first and foremost. For a free initial consultation with our team of medical professionals, contact us today and begin your journey towards a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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