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Unlocking the French Beauty Secret,

A recent article on Refinery29 reported on the misconception that French women don’t have cosmetic procedures done. One expert commented in the report that the women of France don’t want others to notice they had work done. Instead, they seek natural-looking enhancements that never announce themselves and complement a classic, effortless aesthetic. The good news is that the subtle improvements popular with Parisian women can also be obtained right here in Southern California, whether for facial rejuvenation or body contouring. Every day, our team at Beverly Hills Physicians helps clients customize their beauty treatments to enhance their look by utilizing any tool available – but always without going overboard.

That effortless Parisian look can be achieved by combining a number of treatments in appropriate doses. As one expert stated in the Refinery29 article, when using only one form of treatment or surgery, only one aspect of a person’s appearance will be improved. Although fine lines are diminished, for example, removing them can also leave behind telltale signs that work was done by looking “too perfect” when not accompanied by other changes. When a few treatments are used together in small quantities, the entire face is enhanced subtly, achieving a look that is both very improved and natural, says the clinic.

While the current beauty trend in America leans more toward visible enhancements such as plumped lips, structured cheekbones, and extravagant buttock and breast augmentation, it is not what every American woman might be looking for. Some ladies may just be looking for a slightly more youthful face that wears well every day, whether it’s a casual weekend running errands, a full day at work, or a night out on the town. BHP knows that everybody is different and is interested in enhancing their looks to varying degrees for numerous reasons. Whatever improvements you’re looking for, we’re here to customize your beauty approach.

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