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Thigh Lift and Buttock Lift

Thigh Lift and Buttock Lift

A thigh, hip and buttock lift is a serious surgical procedure and intended to tighten the skin of the outer thighs, buttocks and hips. During this operation elliptical segments of skin and underlying fat are removed from the buttock and flank area. Any remaining skin and tissue is reconstructed to achieve a tightening and smoothing effect. The operation is designed to improve skin and underlying tissues that becomes lose and flabby, whether as a result of massive weight loss, natural aging, or heredity. Although the operation is often combined with liposuction it’s aimed primarily at the tightening of skin and deep tissue. As with liposuction, it is not a correction for obesity, and patients should be at normal or near-normal weight before surgery.

Thigh and buttock lifts require general anesthesia.  The Duration of operation is about two and a half to three hours.  Postoperative Procedure requires that the patient will remain in bed until the morning after surgery. If a urinary catheter was inserted during the operation, it’s usually removed the next morning. The insertion as well as removal of the catheter is relatively painless. Patients receive intravenous fluids for 24 hours after surgery, and some discomfort and pain at the incision site are to be expected, but this will be alleviated with medication and will gradually subside when the patient begins to walk.

The bandage over the incision is normally removed the day after surgery, and the patient will then be allowed to shower. It will be difficult to sit for several days after the operation. Generally, the patient should be able to sit comfortably by the end of the first week. Physical activity after surgery should be restricted to rest at home for about two weeks after surgery. Walking and other activities can be resumed gradually during the second week, and most people return to work after two weeks. Participation in strenuous sporting activities is prohibited for at least two months.

The patient can expect a horizontal scar in the upper buttock/flank area, extending from the midline in the back to the groin area in the front. There will be scars on both sides. The incision scars are positioned so that it is covered by panties or a bathing suit. The patient should bring a pair of panties or a bathing suit of the type that he or she normally wears (and we are not obliviously talking about a string bikini or Speedos here) to the hospital. Although every effort will be made to keep the scars symmetrical, perfect symmetry is not always possible. The type and location of scars may vary due to patients’ individual anatomic characteristics. The physician will, however, inform the patient during the consultation what type of scar can be expected. The scars will be kept as short and inconspicuous as possible, but the nature of this operation necessitates long cuts and, inevitably, long scars.

The scars will be red for the first few months after surgery, but that will gradually fade. However, the patient should realize that the scars are permanent and that their final width, height and color are not totally predictable but should diminish to a point over time.  The most common complication is hematoma (an accumulation of blood under the skin). This occurs infrequently, but may necessitate further surgery to drain the blood.

You will want to thoroughly discuss all the ramifications of a surgery of this nature with your surgeon. As you will find you may have to give up certain habits when undergoing a surgery of this type, and one of those will include smoking (a major butt lift).

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