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The Katie Price Breast Reduction Story

The success story of English TV personality Katie Price’s recent breast reduction surgery was recently detailed in an article on Lifestyle One. Although breast augmentation procedures are more widely known, it’s good for women to know that plastic surgeons also offer safe and effective breast reduction procedures for patients who want to reduce their breast size. At BHP, our breast reduction surgery procedures are often sought after by patients for a variety of reasons, such as:

Physical Restrictions – Some women often experience physical limitations due to the size and weight of their breasts. Large breasts can often get in the way of performing simple tasks such as walking and standing for long periods of time, and can make participation in certain sports extremely difficult. Breast reduction is a procedure that makes it more likely for women to be able to become increasingly active and comfortable during their daily activities.

Back and Neck Strain – The weight of large breasts can seriously strain the back and neck of a patient. This can cause physical discomfort and often leads to poor posture. Today’s extremely safe and effective breast reduction procedures provide relief on the patient’s back and neck, while also drastically improving their posture. In the long run, various back and neck complications are more likely to be avoided in the future after a patient undergoes breast reduction surgery.

Unwanted attention – Women don’t always undergo breast reduction only to experience improvements in their posture and adjust their body proportions. Younger women in particular often experience unwanted attention and possibly negative perceptions solely based on their large breast size. This often leads to body image issues and anxiety that can negatively affect a patient throughout her life. Breast reduction surgery in these cases enables women to experience a drastic improvement in their overall comfort and sense of self-confidence.

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