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The Answer is the Gastric Balloon

The Answer is the Gastric Balloon

Have you struggled with being overweight but haven’t found the right method for shedding pounds? At Beverly Hills Physicians, we understand that weight loss isn’t always as easy as finding the right diet and exercise routine. For those with additional genetic and lifestyle factors to take into consideration, a little extra boost is needed to lose the necessary weight to leading a healthier life. However, surgical procedures like gastric sleeve and Lap Band aren’t right for everyone. That’s why we have a non-surgical weight loss method as the answer to your prayers.

The gastric balloon is unlike any other weight loss procedure. First of all, there’s no surgery involved at all. The outpatient procedure is minimally invasive that will have you losing weight on a steady and healthy pace unlike you’ve ever done before. A deflated balloon is placed in the stomach through the mouth and throat. As soon as the balloon reaches the stomach, it’s inflated so that it fills a large portion of your stomach. Unlike the gastric sleeve procedure, which also creates less space in the stomach, the procedure is not permanent. In fact, in just six months, you’ll have the balloon removed to live a slimmer, healthier, and happier life

Beverly Hills Physicians makes weight loss easier than ever before with procedures like the gastric balloon and sleeve gastrectomy in Los Angeles. Our facilities each feature state of the art technology, a spa-like atmosphere, and the most talented and friendly staff you’ll ever meet. Call today to get started.


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