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Successful Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

A large majority of celebrities have had one or more plastic surgeries. Because they are in the spotlight, celebrities have essentially brought plastic surgery to the masses by showing us the safety, effectiveness, and amazing results that cosmetic surgery can produce.
Many celebrities feel that if you don’t like something about yourself and you have the financial preparedness to change it, then you should go for it. Several celebrities with successful plastic surgery stories have vocalized their successes in the media. Certain others have shown us that it’s best to aim for natural-looking results and that moderation is the key.

When we think of celebrities and plastic surgery, veteran plastic surgery patients such as Cher, Joan Rivers, and Michael Jackson come to mind, as do rookies such as Heidi Montag, Megan Fox, and Lindsey Lohan. So many celebrities are rumored to have undergone plastic surgery procedures, it’s hard to know which have actually done it – unless you examine before and after photos. Even then, with clever makeup and their constantly changing clothing and hair styles, it can be difficult to tell.

Today we’ll be confirming exactly which surgeries some of these celebrities have had and examining what made some procedures more successful than others.

Joan Rivers: Noted for her public discussion of her multiple plastic surgeries, Joan Rivers is considered a plastic surgery success story. She began with a face lift in 1985 and was so happy with the results she’s never again questioned whether or not to have another procedure. But Rivers has actually only had three major procedures: the face lift, an eye job, and a nose job. She says the secret to her success is the “little tweaks” that she gets every two years or so. We’re talking about skin tightening procedures such as low-risk, minimally invasive injections like as Botox, Juvederm and Restylane

Cher: Cher is rumored to have had ribs removed to narrow her torso, and we’ve seen her face change over the years too—but she doesn’t admit to most of her rumored plastic surgeries, including implants to create her high cheek bones. The only surgeries she’s confirmed are a nose job and laser treatments to tighten her skin. Cher is 65 years old but looks decades younger, which goes to show the effectiveness of the ever-improving laser treatments available today. 

Roseanne Barr: Not everyone realizes that Roseanne has undergone multiple cosmetic surgeries, but if you look back at her pictures over the years you will notice that she lost a lot of weight and became more youthful looking. Roseanne began with gastric bypass surgery in 1998, which helped her to lose over 80 pounds. She also had a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin and fat left behind from rapid weight loss. This was followed by a breast reduction, nose job, and face lift. Roseanne is now over 50 and still looking great.

Sharon Osborn: At age 50, Osborn admits to a plastic surgery “addiction” and to six different procedures. She began with a face lift followed by a gastric bypass surgery that helped her lose 125 pounds. Like Roseanne, the excess skin and additional fat were removed through liposuction and a tummy tuck. Ultimately Osborn went from a size 22 to a size 4. She is considered one of the great success stories of combined weight loss and cosmetic surgery.

Dolly Parton: At age 66 she admits to multiple facelifts and even told Oprah that she doesn’t hesitate to have a procedure done as soon as she discovers a wrinkle or sagging skin. Parton doesn’t mind talking about her figure and the help she’s had achieving it through cosmetic surgery. We’ve learned that she’s had work done on her eyes, lips, and breasts, in addition to facelifts and maintenance injections.

Of course, there are other celebrities who coyly maintain a zipped lip about whether or not they’ve had work done. But the examples above show that there is no shame in responsibly undergoing cosmetic surgery to improve one’s look. With their improved self-esteem, these fabulous inside-and-out celebrities have remained on our television screens and mp3 players, confidently showing us that there’s nothing wrong with taking the right steps to look our best.

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