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Shocking WHO Report on European Obesity Underscores the Need for Weight Loss Solutions

Although the dangers of obesity have become increasingly clear in recent years, new research from the World Health Organization suggests that the number of people who are obese around the world will only increase. The most recent report analyzed all of the European nations and concluded that the percentage of obese citizens is set to rise in nearly every country. The estimates for how much of the population will be obese ranges from as high as 69 percent in the United Kingdom, to as low as around 8.5 percent among citizens of Denmark. According to estimates from 2012, the United States sits somewhere in the middle, with current projections putting the 2030 obesity percentage at 42 percent. With health experts and doctors around the world scrambling for a solution, it is important to remember that bariatric surgery has in fact been proven to facilitate weight loss. Here at Beverly Hills Physicians, we have performed these surgeries with consistent success on countless patients.

Obesity is already the second leading cause of preventable death, and the problem only stands to get worse. Because of how detrimental it can be to one’s health to remain obese, the very slight risk of complications associated with weight loss surgery is nearly always worth taking. In fact, recent studies have concluded that bariatric surgery is no more risky than commonly performed procedures such as an appendectomy or gallbladder surgery. And, when patients pick a highly trained surgeon like those at Beverly Hills Physicians, they can be even more confident in their decision.

Countless patients in Southern California and around the world have been successful with weight loss surgery. Even so, it is by no means a guaranteed method for losing weight; it requires willpower and determination on the part of the patient. The procedures themselves simply make it easier for patients to achieve weight loss by allowing them to feel full while eating significantly less food. Yet, it is true that every procedure works differently, and some patients do not initially receive the procedure that works best for them. Luckily, our BHP talented bariatric surgeons have an outstanding track record with revision surgery to give current weight loss patients a better chance of success.

If you are one of the millions worldwide suffering from obesity, the surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians can help.

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