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Sexiness Doesn’t Have to Stop Because You’re a Momma

Sexiness Doesn’t Have to Stop Because You’re a Momma

Although many women feel like their years of being desirable are over after they have children, Beverly Hills Physicians knows that nothing could be further from the truth. After all, a woman can feel sexy and desirable well into her golden years, nevermind being in her 20s, 30s or 40s! Beverly Hills Physicians, a health and beauty network based in Los Angeles, is able to provide numerous plastic surgery treatments to help a woman reclaim the pleasure of intimacy with her partner. Whether that means she suffers from vaginal laxity or simply isn’t enjoying intercourse as she used to, Beverly Hills Physicians has treatments to help her in either regard.

Women who lack the vaginal tightness they enjoyed before giving birth would behoove themselves to check out vaginal rejuvenation. This outpatient procedure is done to help a woman get a tighter vagina, which may be the result of genetics, but is also often attributable to having children. Especially for women who have had babies weight 8 pounds or more, a vaginal rejuvenation procedure can be a godsend to bring back the pleasure of intercourse. G-spot magnification is another procedure often performed in tandem with vaginal rejuvenation, and it increases the pleasure of intercourse when this area is stimulated by her partner during intimate interactions, and can make orgasms much more powerful.

Other procedures offered by BHP include labial reduction, a way to help a woman boost her self-esteem for this most intimate of areas, especially if she is embarrassed by protruding inner lips of her vagina.

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