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Rejuvenate Your Body with World Class Treatment from BHP

Rejuvenate Your Body with World Class Treatment From BHP

Having children is a rewarding experience for mothers, but not one without sacrifice and compromise. One of the most impactful compromises mothers often have to undergo involves the dramatic changes their body must undergo as a result of childbearing. Though many women may accept these changes as an inevitable part of motherhood, at Beverly Hills Physicians, we don’t accept them as absolutes. With high quality procedures, like our mommy makeover performed by some of the best physicians in the field, any mother can keep the body she’s proud of even after the effects of child birth.

Despite the significant impact of bearing children on the body, our renowned team is dedicated toward counteracting these effects with proven treatment options that deliver the results women want to get back to the bodies they desire. Issues like loose skin or stretch marks that linger after childbirth can be directly addressed by plastic surgery techniques performed with the utmost expertise by our highly experienced surgeons. For that reason, our mommy makeover often includes a tummy tuck operation to help give the body a more vibrant and youthful appearance.

Beverly Hills Physicians also includes breast lift procedures in the mommy makeover to address any sagging or dropping of the breasts that may occur as a result childbearing or breastfeeding. Because childbirth can also negatively impact sexual stimulation or cause involuntary urination, we also perform vaginal rejuvenation to remedy any potential and lingering issues. Because some of these procedures are often not covered under medical insurance, we work with patients who may be concerned about their finances to work around their budgets with flexible payment plans to keep our treatment affordable at any income level.

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