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Possible Link between Obesity, Brain Aging, and Weight Loss Surgery Benefits

A recent study has shown that a significantly reduced amount of white matter in the brain is associated with being overweight for a period of ten years when compared to leaner adults, according to a recent article on Medical News Today. The article goes on to speculate that obesity may be associated with premature brain shrinkage. These findings represent one more reason severely obese individuals should take a serious look at the bariatric approach to weight loss as the only safe and proven medical intervention against obesity. Patients who lose a significant amount of weight with the help of such procedures as a gastric sleeve or Lap Band can benefit from a variety of health and lifestyle improvements, such as:

Increased Energy Levels and Mental Capacity – Many severely obese patients suffer from sleep apnea, which is a condition that blocks air from entering through the patient’s nose and mouth while they sleep due to excess fat and tissue in the neck area. Aside from increasing fatigue and less acute mental function, the condition is also associated with reduced grey and white matter in the brain. Moreover, like obesity, sleep apnea is associated with a higher risk of a stroke, one of the most frequent causes of dementia. The good news is that sleep apnea is often resolved once the patient successfully loses his or her excess weight.


Better Mobility – Severely obese patients who successfully lose weight through procedures such as a Lap Band surgery or a gastric sleeve can experience a significant improvement in their mobility. By reducing the amount of weight the body is required to carry on a daily basis, bones and joints are relieved of the constant strain and pressure brought on by excess weight. Patients are then able to participate in a healthier and more active lifestyle, which can promote a long-lasting weight loss throughout their entire lives. Moreover, increased physical activity in later years has been shown to also have significant mental and psychological benefits.

The above are just two of a variety of lifestyle and health improvements patients experience after losing a significant amount of weight. By the way, patients who may not be candidates for bariatric surgeries because they are not designated as severely obese may be qualified for an Orbera gastric balloon weight loss procedure. 

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