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Plastic Surgery Rates in U.S. Cities Highlight Demand for Top Quality Procedures in the L.A. Area


While the City of Angels has often been known as a leader and trendsetter in the world of cosmetic surgery, a recent article on Insider Monkey confirms this by listing the city second in a group of American cities with the highest plastic surgery rates, just behind Miami. This means that, because of the all-time high level of demand for cosmetic surgery and competition among surgeons in the L.A. area, the bar is set quite high. Indeed, increasingly savvy patients these days are seeking out only the highest quality procedures performed by the most experienced surgeons.

This demand is influenced by a number of factors; the first and foremost being the so-called Hollywood effect. Due to the attention paid to the appearance of A-list celebrities in the entertainment capitol, it is unsurprising that some patients are pursuing procedures to keep up with the world’s beauty trendsetters. What’s more, for a city full of aspiring actors and performers, it cannot be denied that appearance and perceived youthfulness are important factors that can give one candidate an edge over another.  In fact, plastic surgery has become viewed as an asset even for people who do not expect to take center stage in the public eye and who may have no connection at all with the world of entertainment. In order to remain competitive in a very appearance- and age-conscious environment, cosmetic procedures have become increasingly popular and accepted among lawyers, accountants, business people, teachers, and many other working professionals.

Fortunately, when it comes to high quality cosmetic procedures, we at BHP are well ahead of the curve. By incorporating the latest and most innovative surgical techniques, such as using a patient’s own body fat to supplement the Brazilian butt lift procedure, we deliver results that keep patients looking and feeling their best for years to come. Our highly experienced and professional staff is why patients visit us for plastic surgery procedures from all corners of the world.

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