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Plastic Surgeries for Politicians Highlight the Boost in Public Image from Cosmetic Procedures

A recent Glamour article describes how Washington D.C. practitioners are seeing an increasingly high number of male and female politicians coming to them for procedures such as Botox to make them look younger before a public appearance. The doctors administering these injections note that, although they are sworn to secrecy as to the names of their clientele, a surprising number of high-profile politicos and lobbyists have been turning to cosmetic procedures. This fits perfectly with the trend of men, as well as women, seeking out cosmetic procedures to ensure that they can give off a youthful energy in the workplace. While age is often associated with authority, the modern workplace can become so competitive that employers often will only have confidence in their employees who have an air of vitality, a quality many of us associate with a youthful appearance. In fact, looking young in the workplace is one of the leading reasons why men in particular opt for plastic surgery. There are several other procedures, in addition to Botox, that men looking to appear more youthful in the workplace can benefit from.

  1. Blepharoplasty – One of the most common complaints that both men and women have for their appearance as they age is that their eyelids start drooping and sagging. Sagging eyelids can give the appearance that a person is tired even if they are actually well-rested and energized. This can lead to the misperception that an employee is overly-tired all the time and not able to carry out the duties of his or her job as well as they might. Just as politicians want to remove wrinkles that may make them seem too old to hold office to some voters, many of our patients from all industry sectors opt for eyelid surgery to make their external appearance match the energy that they feel on the inside.
  2. Facelift – For those who want an all-around boost to fix sagging skin from the neck up, a facelift is very often the best option. By tightening the facial muscles and removing some excess skin, our surgeons help their patients achieve an energized and youthful look that has more permanent benefits than non-surgical solutions like Botox.


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