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Photoshop Your Way to Beauty?

According to a February 7 article on the BBC News website, a major plastic surgeons’ organization is saying that UK women are substituting apps that allow users to improve selfies and other online images over facial plastic surgery. The startling claim comes alongside the continuing growth of procedures on the body, such as breast augmentation and tummy tucks. The belief seems to be that, since an app can improve your features online but can’t do much for your body, people are now focusing more on bodily alterations than on facial improvements.

We’re not at all sure this is actually true. If it is, however, it seems to us that it’s a classic case of an old warning from a wise Zen master: “Never mistake the finger pointing at the moon, for the moon.” What that actually refers to is the human tendency to mistakes symbols or representations of things for the actual thing. It’s a little bit like eating a picture of food or adjusting your scale to show you’ve lost weight instead of dieting.

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using an app to apply a small boost to your online appearance. On the other hand, if the goal is genuine self-confidence, ask yourself this: whose perception of your appearance is more important – the people who see you online or the people you meet in IRL? After all, if only the online realm was important, you could just put someone else’s picture up instead of your own. If no one ever saw us in person, nobody would be the wiser and we could all look like supermodels.

Here at BHP, we think facial procedures from facelifts and Botox to eyelid lifts aren’t going anywhere. After all, we don’t actually live in a virtual world, at least not yet; non-virtual actual reality is still where it’s at. 

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