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One Man’s Rhinoplasty Sheds Light on the Growing Popularity of Procedures for Men

Mans-RhinoplastyA recent article on The Telegraph tells the story of a journalist’s very positive experience with a rhinoplasty which was performed non-surgically. Hoping to have his nose made more symmetrical and smooth, the author of the article recounts in detail the success of the procedure. That writer’s experience with a cosmetic procedure is steadily becoming the norm for many men who are uncomfortable with certain aspects of their appearance and who are ready to make a change. Indeed, just like women, men today really do want to look their very best. The good news is that our highly experienced plastic surgeons offer a variety of procedures to help this rapidly growing number of male patients achieve brilliant results. These include:

  •  Rhinoplasty – Also known as a “nose job,” rhinoplasties are most often performed surgically, and can offer health benefits to people suffering from breathing and other ear-nose-and-throat issues. Many men, like the author of the article, elect to have these procedures to improve the shape or contour of their noses. Other men choose the surgical procedure to correct the nose following accidents or injuries. In some cases, patients are equally interested in both the medical and cosmetic aspects of these procedures. Overall, rhinoplasties remain the most common procedure obtained by men.
  •  Male breast reduction – Gynecomastia, a condition leading to oversized male breasts, can be the result of hormonal changes, and obesity. Men who have these enlarged breasts may feel embarrassed or shy if they believe their bodies appear too feminine. They may even avoid certain activities or social situations which could attract undue attention to their bodies, such as pool parties and beach days. That is why breast reduction is becoming one of the most common plastic surgery procedures that men, as well as women, are electing. Fortunately, our experienced and professional team takes all patients’ overall health situation into account, making them a truly outstanding option when it comes to pursuing a surgical procedure.
  •  Botox and Other Injectables – While the media tends to focus on mostly female celebrities who may have benefited from these kinds of procedures, we are seeing an increasing number of men requesting this type of facial rejuvenation. In an increasingly age-obsessed culture, men and women alike are seeking out new ways to look more vital for a host of both personal and professional reasons.

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