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New Gene Study Highlights the Helpfulness of Medical Weight Loss Support

As reported in a recent article on Medical News Today, a new international study indicates that people with a genetic predisposition to obesity are able to lose weight at roughly the same rate as others. The article bolsters the argument that, while weight loss is always a challenge, it is still feasible for most patients who benefit from the right kind of help. At BHP, we believe that the best types of weight loss support efforts break down into roughly three categories. These are:

Bariatric surgery – For patients with severe obesity – specifically, a BMI (body mass index) of 35 or above or 40 and above with related health problems – weight loss surgery remains a proven safe and effective means of fostering a long term weight reduction. While very obese people can often find that permanently defeating obesity is an all but impossible task for a host of reasons – including incorrect signals to the brain that tell them they’re hungry even after they’ve consumed more than enough food – procedures such as the gastric sleeve carry proven hormonal and metabolic benefits which reduce the presence of hunger inducing hormones and may prevent the body’s metabolism from slowing down after a significant weight loss.

The Orbera Gastric Balloon – This procedure, long popular in Europe, is now available to significantly overweight patients who may not be candidates for bariatric surgery because they are not considered to be severely obese. The non-surgical procedure temporarily places a balloon-like device in the stomach, reducing the available area and making overeating uncomfortable. Orbera has helped a great many patients jump-start their efforts at changing their eating habits and they typically experience considerable weight loss benefits.

Coaching – Probably a majority of Americans know first-hand that even losing a relatively small amount of weight through proper diet and exercise is no easy task. For more modestly overweight individuals dealing with the battle of the bulge, a little expert help from a weight loss/life coach, as well as a physician who is well versed in the challenges of achieving a truly healthy physique, really can make all the difference.

Medical Weight Loss Support

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