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Most Patients Enjoy a Boost in Happiness and Self Esteem After Plastic Surgery, Study Concludes

The benefits of plastic surgery have been well known for some time, however, as cosmetic procedures continue to become more popular and accepted in our society, new data continues to be released that affirms the positive impacts. In a recent study conducted by the University of Basel which examined the effects of plastic surgery on about 550 patients, these benefits were highlighted and detailed at length. The vast majority of postop patients in the Swiss study reported that they were not only satisfied with the results, but experienced a considerable positive boost in how they felt about themselves as well. Leading cosmetic surgeons like our world class team here at Beverly Hills Physicians can take pride in their ability to help patients improve their self-image

The comprehensive study, which surveyed patients before surgery, and at 3, 6, and 12 month intervals afterward, found that 96% of the patients who underwent cosmetic procedures reported a consistently favorable outlook, both immediately following their operation and throughout time. Out of the slim 4% who did not provide positive feedback, most of those individuals were found to have held unreasonably high expectations going into surgery. In fact, unrealistic expectations are a well-known factor toward dissatisfaction with plastic surgery. The American Psychological Association has previously stated, “Prior research has found that negative mental outcomes are typically associated with people who have unreasonable expectations of what [plastic surgery] can achieve, who expect the impossible, or hope it will solve their problems or transform them into a new person.”

Though cosmetic procedures will not automatically solve all of a patient’s important life issues, studies such as the one from the University of Basel definitely prove it to have positive benefits. The vast majority of patients who undergo procedures report that they “felt healthier, were less anxious, had developed more self-esteem and felt more attractive.” Because having a positive association with self-imagine, higher confidence, and healthy self-esteem are linked to an increased level of happiness and life satisfaction, it is by no means a stretch to suggest that high quality cosmetic procedures can improve someone’s life.

The cosmetic procedures performed by our outstanding team at Beverly Hills Physicians are exactly the kind of operations that produce such positive results. Our experts offer the full range of outstanding treatment options, from some of the best doctors and surgeons available, to ensure superior quality and a high rate of satisfaction. We are fully committed to helping all of their patients achieve the standard of beauty they envision. Just take a look at our extensive before and after gallery.

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