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More than Skin Deep

It’s obvious that most people get cosmetic treatments and procedures to feel better about themselves, but now there’s scientific evidence that they can improve actual self-esteem. A study done in 2018 found that, within six weeks of treatment, there was a marked reduction in body image dissatisfaction among the participants. As more men and woman seek cosmetic treatments, scientists are beginning to notice and are conducting studies to explore the psychological effect of all kinds of aesthetic treatments on quality of life, self-esteem and body image.

Body image is a complex phenomenon, with both mental and emotional components. A healthy body image is an important factor in creating feelings of confidence and improving a person’s general outlook on life. Physical appearance is only a small aspect of overall body image, but an important one.


Studies about body image are finally taking a serious look and showing what people in the health and beauty field have observed for years, that improving the appearance can have a big impact that is much more than skin deep. After all, looking your best is not just vanity; it’s a sign of self-respect.


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