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Liposuction is the most common cosmetic procedure performed today.  As with any popular, media-saturated procedure, myths and misconceptions abound, sometimes causing unnecessary confusion and fear among women and men trying to decide whether to undergo liposuction.

As a prospective patient, being well-informed, having realistic expectations and feeling comfortable with your surgeon will enable you to enter the experience of elective cosmetic surgery with confidence and enthusiasm. To clarify misconceptions, I would like to share with you my answers to the questions most commonly asked by my patients during their initial liposuction consultation.

Doctor, am I a good candidate  for liposuction?

The best candidate for liposuction is a healthy person who is not overweight, has good skin elasticity but has “bulges” of excess fullness that refuse to disappear in spite of good diet and exercise. The most common areas of bulges are the inner and outer thighs, hips, abdomen, knees, arms, neck and back. In men, the most common area is the dreaded “love handle” waistline and back.

Being slightly overweight is not a problem, but if you plan to lose 15 pounds, lose it prior to the surgery. If skin in the proposed area(s) of liposuction is lose , it will subsequently hang. In this case, although liposuction may not be for you, you might be an excellent candidate for other body sculpting procedures such as a tummy tuck or thighplasty.

Will the irregularity or “cellulite” appearance of my skin improve with liposuction?

Frankly, no. Pre-existing surface irregularities will not change. Liposuction is a sculpting procedure. Your bulges will disappear and contours will improve, correlating to an improved appearance both in and out of clothes. Once healing is complete,  you (and others) will definitely notice a significant change in the mirror.

Doctor, do you do tumescent liposuction?

Yes. Tumescent liposuction involves the introduction of a special solution into areas of pre-determined liposuction prior to extracting fatty tissue. This state-of-the-art technique allows a greater amount of fat to be extracted with minimal blood loss and reduced bruising and discomfort.

How about ultrasonic liposuction?

This technique involves incorporates a machine that uses ultrasonic waves that break up fatty tissue before extraction. This has not been proven to be more effective or more superior than other techniques. 

Where will my surgery be done and, how will I feel afterwards?

Your surgery will be performed in an outpatient surgery center that is hospital-equipped and accredited. Your board-certified anesthesiologist will be at your side for the duration of the procedure, using a special technique of general anesthesia designed to make your experience safe and comfortable.

After the plastic surgery, you will not be bedridden, but depending upon the amount of liposuction performed, you should take three to seven days to rest.

The initial swelling subsides in about three weeks and your final beautiful contours are completely determined in a few months. For the first three weeks, you will wear a comfortable girdle-type garment under your clothes that helps achieve final results more quickly.

Safety is always of paramount importance, especially when considering elective cosmetic surgery. That’s why I insist upon a thorough review of your past and present medical history; it may seem laborious, but it is very pertinent in preparation for surgery.

When selecting a surgeon, judgment is as important as skill. All surgical procedures must be performed with excellent judgment. Sometimes, there is a temptation to combine areas of liposuction simultaneously, leading to a riskier, high-volume liposuction. Combining too many different operative procedures involves a lengthier anesthetic time, which also can increase risk.

What will I look like after my surgery?

This is the question on every patient’s mind, and it is one we answer in our office with high-technology computer imaging. Through the magic of computer imaging, we help patients visualize conservatively what they can reasonably expect in terms of an achievable outcome.

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