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Long Term Weight Loss Benefits and a New Bariatric Surgery Study

According to a recent NPR report, a study on 1,787 armed forces veterans found that a majority of weight loss surgery recipients successfully maintained a healthy weight ten years after their procedure. This study is consistent with the outstanding results we’ve seen over the years here at BHP. Apart from a long term weight loss, bariatric surgery can provide severely obese patients a variety of well-documented health and wellness benefits, such as:

Improved Heart Function – Excess weight strains the heart, which can often lead to a variety of cardiac complications including coronary artery diseases and congestive heart failure. A significant weight loss with the help of a bariatric surgery, such as a gastric sleeve, can prevent or improve numerous heart problems and greatly reduce the risk of a heart attack. With a healthier heart, of course, patients can enjoy a life that is not only significantly longer but also of a higher quality.

Improved Mobility – Constant pressure on the joints can cause many severely obese patients to develop osteoarthritis and other complications that may significantly restrict their mobility. Moreover, patients are often unable to partake in many of their favorite activities; completing simple daily tasks can sometimes become an excruciating struggle. A bariatric surgery can help a severely obese patient lose their excess weight so that they may leave their pain behind, more easily partake in physical activities, and lead healthier and happier lives.

Better Approach to Eating – Severely obese patients who try to lose their weight without surgery typically struggle with food cravings that are almost impossible to ignore. This is largely the reason why so many individuals who have successfully lost weight without surgery in the past have failed to keeping the weight off in the long term, resulting in unhealthy “yo-yo dieting.”  Bariatric surgery can help severely obese patients lose and maintain their weight in the long term by greatly reducing cravings, making healthier eating habits a lot more feasible, and helping to ensure a long-term win in the battle against obesity.

Long Term Weight Loss Benefits and a New Bariatric Surgery Study

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