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Learning from Kelly Osbourne’s 85 Pound Weight Loss Success Story

The entertainment press has reported on British television personality Kelly Osbourne’s impressive 85-pound weight loss through gastric sleeve surgery. The former teen star of the 2000s reality sitcom, “The Osbournes,” spoke about how she believes that the procedure was the best decision she had ever made and that she will always be proud to talk about a subject that might make many people uncomfortable. Ms. Osbourne stressed that the surgery was by no means a quick fix for her problems and encouraged others to think seriously about whether or not the procedure would be right for them. At BHP, we agree that, while the journey to effective, long-term weight loss cannot be achieved overnight, weight loss procedures such as sleeve gastrectomy can provide enormous benefits for individuals struggling to defeat obesity.

Weight loss surgeries like sleeve gastrectomy are popular due to the procedure’s ability to set patients up for long-term weight loss success. The treatment removes most of the stomach and limits how much an individual can comfortably eat. In one article, Ms. Osbourne noted that the procedure reduces cravings. We’ve found that to be the case. By minimizing hunger signals produced by the body, significant and permanent weight loss becomes much easier to achieve compared to trying to drastically change eating habits unaided. Incessant cravings to overeat may be among the main reasons that the large majority of weight loss attempts without surgery fail sooner or later.

It’s not news that individuals battling obesity are also at increased risk for several life-threatening illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and strokes. Losing excess weight not only reduces the chances of developing these often debilitating conditions, it also helps to improve the individual’s overall quality of life, from reduced strain on joints to improved energy levels that enable patients to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

There are a growing number of effective treatments for people struggling with obesity. By making an appointment with qualified medical professionals here at Beverly Hills Physicians, reaching a stable and safe weight is more achievable than ever.


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