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Is Weight Loss Surgery Your Best Path?

Is Weight Loss Surgery Your Best Path?

If you’re struggling with severe obesity, one question that may haunt you is whether or not weight loss surgery is right for you. While many patients have found it to be an incredibly helpful, life-changing procedure, it’s not right for everyone. First, you need to know if you even qualify. In order to be a candidate for bariatric surgery you need to be classified as severely obese. That means you need a BMI of at least 40 or 35 with an accompanying obesity-related illness like diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease. At Beverly Hills Physicians we work with our patients to use their medical history, lifestyle, and personal health goals to discover if it’s the right choice.

Lap Band is one of the most common bariatric procedures. It features an adjustable band that’s placed around the stomach to create a small pouch that acts as the new stomach so you get full faster. The gastric sleeve procedure is not reversible like Lap Band, as a large portion of the stomach is removed. However, there are some important hormonal benefits that may make you even less likely to over eat. Since weight loss surgery isn’t a magic cure for obesity, you still have to stick to a strict diet, keep up with exercise, and consistently see the doctor to discuss your progress. Of course, the procedure makes sticking to that diet a great deal less difficult over the long-term. When needed, Lap Band revision to gastric sleeve surgery is available as well.

Beverly Hills Physicians offers the help of a friendly, compassionate staff of the leading experts in the bariatric field. Call our offices today to set up a free consultation.

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