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Is Labial Reduction Right for Me?

Is Labial Reduction Right for Me?

No two women’s bodies are exactly the same. We are born in different shapes and sizes, with various unique attributes that we should be celebrating. However, sometimes there are natural difference in the female body that can cause shame, embarrassment, or physical discomfort. Some women are born with a larger labia, making certain clothes unwearable and sex uncomfortable. At Beverly Hills Physicians, we’ve perfected the labial reduction surgery, which consists of adjusting the size of the inner and outer labia, located around the vulva.

So, is labial reduction surgery right for you? If you were born with a larger labia, you may have felt embarrassment every time you put on a bathing suit, concerned with whether it would fit correctly. Other clothes like pants and jeans can be uncomfortable to wear with this condition. Although these reasons may seem simply aesthetic, at Beverly Hills Physicians we believe it’s every woman’s right to feel at ease in her own body.

Women also get labial reduction surgery because of sexual uneasiness. A larger labia can result in pain, sweating, irritation, and infection during sex. With the surgery, women can feel a much more sexual pleasure than before.

Beverly Hills Physicians also offers other vaginal surgeries like vaginal rejuvenation and G-Spot Magnification, which are known for increasing sexual pleasure. With advancement in plastic surgery, no women ever has to live with a less than satisfactory sex life.

If you’d like to know more about your surgical options, vaginal or other cosmetic surgeries, contact Beverly Hills Physicians now for a free consultation.

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