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How to Look and Feel Your Best on Your Wedding Day

We all know that every soon-to-be-Mrs. wants to look and feel like the most beautiful woman in the world on her wedding day. Every blushing bride has a few things they would like to improve about themselves before they walk down that aisle, and why shouldn’t they be able to?

Whether the goal is to lose a few pounds, even-out skin tone, or do away with unwanted hair or veins, you can follow this guide to feel your best on your big day—and the honeymoon, too!

Weight Loss

Most women are at least a bit unsatisfied with their weight and would prefer to lose 5-20 pounds before they slip into that white dress. For planning purposes, it’s important for brides to start a diet and exercise program at least six months before their wedding so they have time to lose the weight they want without crash dieting or putting their health at risk. Final dress fittings should be complete at least two weeks before the wedding, so brides should try to stay the same size after their final fitting. It’s frustrating for a bride to lose more weight after her fitting, only to find that her dress no longer fits properly.

Emotional eating can be a problem when preparing for a wedding, especially when a woman is stressing over a million wedding details. It’s a good idea for each bride to make a plan that includes a healthy diet and exercise routine and stick with that plan up to—and ideally—long after the wedding. Visiting a dietitian can help a bride construct an eating plan that fits her lifestyle, especially if she is planning to lose 50 pounds or more. If the bride is looking to make a big change, many cosmetic or bariatric procedures such as liposuction or the LAP-BAND® can help a woman get that wedding-ready body she can’t otherwise achieve with proper diet and exercise.


Skin issues are a major concern for many brides and grooms. Eating healthy and getting enough sleep can improve the overall skin tone, but fillers and injectables are a quick way to drastically reduce wrinkles and lines. They should be injected no less than a month before the wedding so that any redness, swelling, or bruising will have time to subside before the big day. Restalyne may be injected into the lips to make them plumper and fuller for that ceremony kiss and resultant wedding photos. It can also be injected into the skin to fill lines and wrinkles and make the skin’s surface appear smoother.

Brides who are especially concerned about their complexion appearing radiant may want to have a microdermabrasion peel about three days before their wedding. The peel is designed to exfoliate the top layer of skin to reveal a glowing complexion. Brown spots and mild acne scars usually disappear after a microdermabrasion treatment to create a fresher, younger appearance.

Another option for reducing redness and uneven skin tone is photorejuvenation. Pulses of light are delivered to the skin’s surface during this procedure. The light is absorbed by the tissue, which stimulates collagen production in the skin. This procedure is very effective at reducing rosacea as well as wrinkles and fine lines. Most patients undergo a series of six photorejuvenation treatments, about one month apart. The final treatment should be no less than three weeks before the wedding so the skin is healed and looking its best for the big day.

Spider Vein and Hair Removal

Spider veins are unsightly and make thousands of brides feel self conscious each year, especially if they are wearing a short wedding dress or are planning to wear a swimsuit on their honeymoon. Lasers are commonly used to eliminate these pervasive spider veins by directing intense light at them. This laser treatment often results in bruising, so brides who want to eliminate their spider veins should schedule their laser procedure about a month before their wedding. Getting rid of spider veins has helped many brides feel confident about the way their legs look on their wedding day and for years afterward.

Most brides don’t want to worry about the hair on their underarms or legs on the wedding day or honeymoon. Since shaving only lasts a few days, many brides can find solace in laser hair removal procedures that get rid of unwanted hair on their face and body permanently. It may take between three and five sessions for the hair to be completely gone, so brides are encouraged to have their hair removal process complete at least three months before their wedding day.

Getting into wedding shape is one of the highest priorities on the list of many brides to be. A well-planned diet and exercise regimen along with some extra help from a skilled plastic surgeon can get every bride to the altar looking brilliant and beautiful.

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