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FDA Approval of New Breast Implant Highlights the Ongoing Demand for Augmentation

According to an article published on Nasdaq.com, the FDA has approved a new type of breast implant from medical and cosmetic pharmaceutical company Allergan. While the implants are too new to know for sure exactly when and why some breast augmentation patients and their doctors may choose them over the currently available options, what is clear is that increased choice is a good thing.

Breast augmentation is by no means a one size fits all procedure, and there are a number of factors that women should take into consideration when determining which breast implants they will choose. Here are a few:

  • Shape – According to the article, the newly approved implants are part of Allergan’s NATRELLE INSPIRA™ line, which “are said to be fuller than Allergan’s round, gel-filled breast implants currently available in the U.S.” In addition to similar, round implants, at BHP we also offer patients teardrop shaped implants that often look more natural, depending on the patient. We also have “gummy bear implants” which are designed to retain their shape better than other implants.
  • Price – While we work with patients of every budget to help them finance their procedure, we are also able to offer breast augmentation with saline implants at prices much lower than if the same procedure were to be performed with silicone implants. This is simply due to the fact that manufacturers like Allergan have higher costs associated with the production of silicone.
  • Patient Age – The FDA has only approved silicone implants for use in patients aged 22 and up, yet anyone 18 years or older may elect saline implants. This difference makes saline implants very popular for women aged 18-21.

The first step for anyone thinking of electing a breast augmentation or reconstruction procedure using implants should always be a consultation with a knowledgeable surgeon like a member of our superb team.

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