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FAQs for Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Most people who are considering plastic surgery have a long list of questions. Here we will cover a few common questions that people who are considering cosmetic surgery often ask before going under the knife.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Cosmetic Surgery?

The best candidates for cosmetic surgery are those who understand the risks and benefits that come with the decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure. They have realistic expectations for the outcome of their procedure and have a specific reason for requesting a certain procedure. Good candidates are also self-assured and understand that a cosmetic procedure will not change who they are as a person. Ideal candidates are non-smokers who are of a healthy weight. Certain procedures have age limitations, such as facelifts, which are not performed on patients under the age of 30 unless there are extreme circumstances.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Covered by Health Insurance?

Most of the time procedures that are performed entirely for cosmetic reasons are not covered by health insurance plans, but a procedure may be covered if it improves the health of the patient as well as the way the patient looks. An example of this is a patient who undergoes rhinoplasty due to breathing issues or a tummy tuck for a patient who has lost a large amount of weight after gastric bypass surgery. It is always a good idea to call your insurance company to discuss your individual situation if you think your cosmetic surgery may be covered. They can also provide you with a list of surgeons who accept your insurance.

Does Cosmetic Surgery Require A Hospital Stay?

Many cosmetic procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and no hospital stay is necessary. An overnight stay may be required if there are complications during the surgery, if the procedure is extensive, or if you are undergoing several procedures at the same time. Your surgeon will tell you before surgery if they think there is a good chance you will be required to stay overnight.

What Is the Difference Between Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery?

The main difference between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is that cosmetic procedures are generally performed on patients who are healthy and whose bodies are functioning normally. Cosmetic procedures are performed at the discretion of the patient, who desires physical improvement. Reconstructive surgery is performed on patients whose bodies have been affected by physical trauma, birth defects, disease, or other circumstances that affected the way their bodies look or function. A reconstructive surgeon’s goal is to make the body look and function normally or to restore the body to its original state.

Where is Cosmetic Surgery Performed?

Some cosmetic surgeries are performed in hospitals, while others take place in surgical centers or in surgery suites at the surgeon’s office. The place where cosmetic procedures are performed usually depends upon the surgeon. Some surgeons perform cosmetic procedures at several locations and may allow the patient to choose the place where they feel the most comfortable.

How Much Pain is Involved in a Cosmetic Procedure?

The amount of pain a patient will feel after a cosmetic procedure depends on both the patient and the type of procedure. Talk to your surgeon about the procedure you are planning. They will listen to your fears and will recommend a certain type of anesthesia depending on your safety, comfort, and pain threshold. Procedures that are very minor typically involve only a topical anesthetic, while procedures that are invasive often call for a combination of local anesthetic and sedation. During a major cosmetic procedure, most patients are completely sedated by general anesthesia.

Is Financing Available for Cosmetic Surgery?

It’s very common for patients to finance cosmetic surgery to be able to have the procedure done as soon as possible. When you visit a surgeon for your initial consultation, a member of their staff will explain their financing options to you. They will answer your questions and tell you how to apply for a loan. Many banks also offer financing for cosmetic procedures.

Prospective patients can find the answers to some of their questions by researching online, but there are also those questions that relate to a specific person that can only be answered by an experienced surgeon. Your surgeon can help you understand the risks and rewards of your intended procedure better than anyone else.

Even if you’re just curious about certain procedures, but they still seem out of reach, set up a free consultation. You’ll have your questions answered in person by an expert, and you just might find that your ideal appearance is not so unattainable after all.

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