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Failed Weight Loss Surgery Isn’t a Reason to Give Up on Health, Says Beverly Hills Physicians

The network of world-class bariatric surgeons offers revision weight loss procedures that help get patients back on the path to wellbeing.

Some weight loss surgery patients are extremely disappointed this summer, having expected far more dramatic results from their surgery. After all, this summer was supposed to be the summer that they could live life to the fullest, enjoy the outdoors to its fullest extent, and finally feel more comfortable in their bodies. Beverly Hills Physicians wants those disappointed patients to stay hopeful when it comes to achieving the weight loss they had originally hoped for.

The network of doctors, dieticians, and support staff at Beverly Hills Physicians work together to offer life-changing revision weight loss surgery and aftercare services that provide amazing results. Its capable bariatric surgeons provide a wide range of procedures—such as lap band to gastric sleeve revision, gastric sleeve to duodenal switch, and gastric bypass revision—that prevent weight gain, pain, and other problems after weight loss surgery.

People who visit Beverly Hills Physicians for a free weight loss consultation often face constant discomfort from a failed weight loss surgery performed elsewhere. This can include chronic pain, reflux that won’t go away, frequent vomiting after meals, embarrassing gastric dumping syndrome, and other medical complications. These problems with lap band, gastric sleeve, or gastric bypass can be resolved through a revision procedure.

Post-operative bariatric patients don’t have to be in pain or constant discomfort, however, to consider revision weight loss surgery. Insufficient or no weight loss, weight gain, and unresolved comorbidities (such as Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure) are all legitimate reasons to explore a revision procedure from Beverly Hills Physicians. Their bariatric surgeons are experts at a wide range of procedures, which means they can offer many solutions for correcting a failed weight loss surgery. Beverly Hills Physicians don’t offer a one-size-fits-all surgery; through honest conversations and health exams, the doctors discover which treatment is best for the patient’s lifestyle and health.

Beverly Hills Physicians provides a strong safety net that all but guarantees that their patients will succeed with this weight loss surgery. Besides the expert skills used by their bariatric doctors, Beverly Hills Physicians employs a supportive group of healthcare professionals who help create foolproof weight loss programs for maintaining proper nutrition and exercise after surgery. They consult with world-class nutritionists, trainers, the patient’s primary care provider, and the bariatric surgeon to provide medically accurate information that assists weight loss. This team is also available following the procedure, which means bariatric patients always have a resource that will almost instantly respond to questions.

Every weight loss patient at Beverly Hills Physicians goes through a pre-operative psychological evaluation in order to make sure they are ready for such a life-changing operation. After the procedure, online resources are provided that provide 24-hour support. As an alternative, Beverly Hills Physicians provides access to in-person support groups, depending on the patient’s preferences and schedule.

When you’re ready to try weight loss surgery again, don’t forget that where you go matters. Meet with a doctor at one of Beverly Hills Physicians’ many locations for absolutely no charge by calling 1-800-788-1416 or going to www.beverlyhillsphysicians.com.

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