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Eyelid Surgery or Blepharoplasty

Eyelid Surgery or Blepharoplasty

The eyes are central to one’s appearance. As we use the eye to see the world, so the world sees us through our eyes. So what happens when the eyelids surrounding the eyes begin to show signs of aging? As fat and excess skin begins to accumulate, a different appearance emerges. Now the world sees us looking old, tired, angry, or possibly all three. This is a condition primarily caused by aging because, as we grow older, the eyelid skin stretches, muscles weaken, and yet more fat accumulates around the eyes. We have come to know this as “bags” under our eyes, or droopy eyelids. Having these conditions can make us look even much older. They can also interfere with our vision, obstructing our view of the world. However, there is a surgical procedure that offers a solution.

Eyelid surgery, medically referred to as blepharoplasty, is designed to remove fat, excess skin and muscle from the eyelids. It can be performed on the upper or lower eyelid, or both. This procedure is designed for those wanting to look younger, more refreshed and more alert. Even the slightest changes to the eyelids can help them look younger and vibrant.

This is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery procedures today. In 2003, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons over 245,000 eyelid surgery procedures were in performed in the United States alone. This is a seven percent increase from the previous year.

Ideal candidates for eyelid surgery are those who have droopy upper eyelids, and / or bags under the eyes. However these individuals, as in any cosmetic procedure, must also be physically healthy, psychologically stable, and have realistic goals and expectations.

With the increasing popularity of various cosmetic surgery procedures, including eyelid surgery, it is imperative that the prospective patient research and understand different issues like what the procedure can and cannot treat, inherent risks, costs, and so on. Keep in mind, cosmetic surgery is just that – a surgical procedure whose results cannot simply be erased. While the information contained in this website will provide you with a good introduction to eyelid surgery, when considering this procedure, or any other cosmetic surgery procedure, we recommend that you consult a qualified provider with significant experience.

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