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Ensuring Patient Safety Worldwide

According to a recent article on Yahoo News, Australian based surgeons are calling to regulate plastic surgery procedures for improved patient safety. The call for regulation was stirred by a reported surge in complications among surgery patients who were either given too much local anesthetic or suffered from infections caused by unsterile operating conditions. Of course, patient safety is a high priority worldwide and is very tightly regulated in the U.S., so that American plastic surgery is now safer than ever before. Naturally, our highly qualified and experienced surgeons at BHP perform all of their procedures with the safety and satisfaction of each patient as their absolute highest priority at all times.

  • Eyelid Surgery- Eyelid surgery is chosen by patients who wish to correct issues above and below their eyes such as double hooded lids or dark circles. These eyelid conditions are not only unflattering to a patient but can also affect vision. Our highly experienced surgeons give special attention to the delicate area around the eyes through their use of only the most advanced minimally invasive techniques.

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  • Breast Reduction – Although breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure sought out by women, breast reduction offers the patient a chance to remedy the many physical discomforts that occur because of the size and weight of the breasts. Reduction procedures are often sought out by young women who may be suffering from unwanted attention as well as back pain and other issues. Obviously, the health, safety, and satisfaction of younger patients are always extremely high priorities when performing this extremely safe, but nevertheless demanding procedure.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift – A procedure preferred by patients seeking a more natural approach at enhancement, the Brazilian butt lift is the safest method for buttock augmentation. Utilizing transferred fat from the patient’s own body, the Brazilian butt lift enhances the patient’s behind with more freedom from the qualified surgeon to contour the area in proportion to the patient’s body. Using the patient’s own body fat also reduces the risk of complications related to infection. Overall, experts agree that this plastic surgery technique ensures patient safety while providing the desired results.

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