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Beverly Hills Physicians has helped many children and teenagers avoid damage to self-esteem and problems at school

We all know that youngsters can be cruel and can bully each other over even very minor aspects of a child’s appearance. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many parents of children with prominent ears often contact the outstanding surgeons of Beverly Hills Physicians regarding cosmetic surgery. Known medically as otoplasty and commonly referred to as ear pinning, plastic surgery to move ears closer to the head can produce truly impressive results that will ensure that a child’s happiness and self-esteem do not suffer from teasing.

Otoplasty is typically performed on children between the ages of approximately four – the age when ears are typically almost fully grown – and fourteen. Although the surgery is often performed by BHP’s outstanding physicians on children of all ages, many parents prefer to have the surgery as early as doctors permit to avoid the risk of teasing starting at any point. When desired, the surgery can also be performed on adults.

Very obviously, where children are taken for ear surgery or other procedures can make an enormous amount of difference. When performed by outstanding, board certified plastic surgeons such as the medical staff of Beverly Hill Physicians, ear surgery nearly always has very good outcomes and can produce outstanding plastic surgery before and after results. As one of the very oldest forms of plastic surgery – the earliest known ear surgeries were performed in ancient India – otoplasty is among the very safest of procedures, and recovery times are remarkably swift. As some of the top plastic surgeons in the nation, the doctors of BHP are obviously well qualified to perform ear surgery with the delicacy and caution required.

The staff and doctors of Beverly Hills Physicians are known for their sensitivity and skill when working with children. Performing procedures on young children is obviously not the same thing as doing work on an adult, and our doctors, nurses, and support staff are sensitive to the needs and concerns of even young children.

The first-rate consultants of Beverly Hills Physicians are also here to ensure that the organizational details of the procedure are taken care of, relieving much stress for parents. This includes, when necessary, helping parents to work out the financial aspects of obtaining otoplasty. While otoplasty is rarely covered by medical insurance, BHP consultants are able to work out highly affordable financial plans for parents when needed.

The doctors of Beverly Hills Physicians have had great success performing all types of plastic surgery ranging from face, arm, and breast lift procedures to tummy tucks and much more. To learn more about the world-class plastic surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians please call the medical group’s office at 800-788-1416. Questions about ear surgery and other procedures, as well as setting up a free consultation, can also be submitted online by going to

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