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Don’t Give Up Hope On Yourself

When it comes to having weight loss surgery, it probably didn’t even occur to you that there was such a thing as a repeat customer. However, at BHP, we’ve seen many patients that come for revision weight loss surgery, which is a procedure that often involves removing an adjustable gastric band and performing gastric sleeve surgery. By performing this secondary procedure, though, you’re not just going to go through the motions as you did before. The second time around, Beverly Hills Physicians doctors will guide you through the emotional aspects of losing weight, as well.

As a matter of fact, weight loss can be a very mentally demanding process, and BHP knows that’s especially true for bariatric surgery patients, that often need extra encouragement and positive reinforcement to successfully lose weight. What’s more, they also have helped many patients help their families lose weight along with them. BHP knows that obesity can often affect entire family units, and they have successfully operated on couples and even their children, making the whole family emerge through their weight loss journey successfully.

Looking to lose weight, yourself, but fed up with diets not helping you? Consider weight loss surgery if you want to get back your health and lengthen your life. You have nothing to lose but all that extra weight and the obesity-related diseases that are also weighing you down. Beverly Hills Physicians gives free consultations for prospective patients, in addition to our free weight loss seminars throughout Southern California. Call today for further information.

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