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Decreased Risk of Eye and Nerve Damage in Diabetics after Bariatric Surgery

A recent article on Fox News details how diabetes remission after weight loss surgery ultimately decreases the chances for the patient to develop debilitating eye and nerve damage later in life. It’s very good news, of course, but diabetes remission, while a truly significant positive outcome that many patients are benefiting from, is only one of the health and quality of life improvements patients are likely to experience after bariatric surgery. Weight loss surgery patients not only avoid a myriad of damaging obesity-related health complications related to such issues as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, but can also experience numerous other benefits, such as:

Life expectancy – Severely obese patients are constantly at risk of developing dangerous health conditions that can shorten their life span. Even apart from its relationship to type 2 diabetes, obesity is known to greatly increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes, many types of cancer, and other life threatening complications. These complications can be improved or even completely avoided when a patient loses weight through bariatric surgery.

Energy – When a weight loss surgery patient physically has less weight to carry around, their energy levels are often drastically increased for many reasons. Breathing is often generally easier, especially while patients are exerting themselves, and such issues as sleep apnea, a dangerous condition that also directly leads to significant fatigue, are often improved or completely alleviated. Moreover, reduced weight simply makes it easier to move around, and patients generally report being able to do more physically while exercising or engaging in favorite activities.


Self-confidence – After successfully shedding excess pounds, weight loss surgery patients not only feel better, but they look better too. This positive improvement in their physical appearance and state of health enables the bariatric surgery patient to experience a greater sense of confidence. Of course, they also offer a variety of safe and cutting-edge plastic surgery procedures for weight loss patients that want to remove any loose folds of excess skin that have accumulated after losing a drastic amount of weight.

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