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Crafting “Beckoning Breasts” is a Science, and an Art

For those seeking plastic surgery in Thousand Oaks and other regions of Southern California, we’re happy to say we’ve long been one of the best choices out there. Simply put, BHP has mastered both the science and art of cosmetic surgery. That’s why our team was fascinated to learn of the results of one recent study that sought to discover the dimensions of the “perfect” pair of female breasts.

The International Business Times reports on a study by the Royal Free and University College London Hospitals, which was drawn from a poll in which the researchers asked 1,300 people to rank different breast types according to appeal. So who has the most perfect breasts, according to the study? None other than the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton, as well as sexy notables Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox, Miranda Kerr, Katy Perry, and Kelly Brook.

The lead researcher in the study, Patrick Mallucci coined a term for a perfectly proportioned bust – “beckoning breasts” – due to the enticing, attractive nature of a beautifully proportioned bosom. According to Mallucci, beckoning breasts are those that boast the following proportions:

  • 45% above the line of the nipples
  • 55% of each breast below the nipple
  • A nipple that points upwards at a 20 degree angle

It may seem a bit obsessive to calculate the precise proportions of a perfect pair of breasts, but that’s the kind of commitment it takes to ensure every breast implant or augmentation patient receives artful aesthetic beauty from our crack team of plastic surgeon.

Of course, our surgeons also understand that true beauty comes from self-confidence and a continued balance between health and wellness, as well as a holistic approach to aesthetic appeal. That’s why, even though it can be fun and interesting to learn about the scientific size of the “perfect breasts,” it’s important to realize that these proportions are only a small part of what makes each woman beautiful and that all breast surgeries must be specifically tailored to create the best possible results for a particular patients. We understand that cosmetic procedures are never a one-size-fits-all situation.

The unique shape and contours of each woman can work together in amazing ways to create a simply stunning unified whole – even if one’s breasts cannot fit into the 45:55 proportions found in the study. In fact, Dr. Mallucci points out that the “golden proportions” of Kate Middleton or ScarJo’s breasts are not the right fit for every woman – but simply a helpful starting point to discovering the best way to enhance one’s own unique traits.

If you’re looking to improve your aesthetic beauty – and boost your self-image – through an artful breast augmentation or any other plastic surgery, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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