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Consultants Can Make Weight Loss Surgery Financially Attainable For Many Patients

For obese patients who have struggled for years to lose weight with conventional diet and exercise routines, bariatric surgery provides a tremendous opportunity to finally lose the weight and defeat the dangerous weight-related health problems threatening their health. Yet, like most surgeries, weight loss surgery can sometimes come with a significant price tag, depending on a number of factors. Luckily, patients who work with their insurance companies and with our outstanding team here at Beverly Hills Physicians have several options with which to pay for their surgery:

  • Insurance – Today, the most common way that people pay for weight loss surgery is by having their insurance cover all or most of the cost. Insurance companies are realizing more and more the outstanding long term health benefits that weight loss surgery provides for patients, and are becoming increasingly willing to cover the cost of surgery. In fact, paying for weight loss surgery is shown by some studies to save insurance companies money in the long run due to the vast increase in the size of medical bills for someone who is obese. Of course, these companies also want to make sure that their investment into a person’s health pays off, so they often require a psychological evaluation to ensure that the patient is willing and able to make the behavioral changes necessary for bariatric surgery to be a success.
  • Out-of-pocket – While very few patients have the luxury of being able to pay the full cost of the surgery upfront if insurance is not covering most of it, this is a good option for anyone who can afford to do so. It allows patients to focus on their future weight loss journey without being bogged down by payments
  • Financing – If patients in need are not able to take advantage of either of the options above, or if insurance is only covering a fairly small portion of the cost of the procedure, that is where our caring consultants come in. They work individually with patients to go through their budget and determine what kind of financing plan can be worked out to accommodate their surgery. By filling out the financing application on this website, patients can take the first steps toward receiving the surgery that has helped so many obese patients turn their health around.

While some patients may wait until they have figured out how they are going to pay for bariatric surgery before they consider having a procedure, there is no reason why they need to develop a plan on their own. Guiding patients through the bariatric weight loss journey is the goal of every member of our staff, from surgeons to consultants to weight loss coaches.

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