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Causes of Premature Skin Aging Underline Benefits of Plastic Surgery Procedures

A variety of daily habits many assume to be fairly harmless are causing premature signs of aging in the skin, according to a recent article published at the Tri-County Times. While discontinuing certain daily habits may help prevent premature wrinkles, there are a variety of extremely effective plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures that can effectively reverse the signs of aging once they appear. Moreover, a more youthful and well-rested appearance can provide patients with an assortment of perks, such as:

Rejuvenated Look – The physical signs of aging can make many patients appear years older than they may actually feel and harm their self-confidence in social settings. A highly effective plastic surgery procedure such as a facelift, or such injectables as Botox, can significantly smooth and tighten the skin and help a patient look and feel younger. In addition, the signs of aging are not only apparent in the face but can also be present in the neck area. Patients with loose and wrinkled skin around the neck can experience a more youthful and well-rested appearance by undergoing a neck lift to banish the dreaded “turkey neck.” 

Career Opportunities – Too often, both women and men may suffer from age discrimination when being considered for job opportunities or promotions, often based more on their physical appearance than their chronological age. There are a number of highly effective plastic surgery procedures such as eyelid surgery that, alongside facelifts and injectable alternatives, can successfully remove unsightly bags and excess skin that cause a patient to look tired and less youthful.

eyelid surgery

Physical Benefits – Undergoing a plastic surgery not only deals with the visible signs of aging, in some cases it also can significantly improve the way patients feel. Many patients undergo a rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, to improve breathing or resolve other nasal complications, while breast reduction procedures in women can reduce back pain. In addition, eyelid surgery can also allow patients to see better by removing any excess skin that may obstruct their vision.

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