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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Should Also Bring Attention to Other Women’s Cancers, Says Beverly Hills Physicians

Gynecological cancers can pose a very serious threat to women; BHP’s specialists are here to help

Each October, the danger that cancer poses to women gets a lot of well-deserved attention with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At the same time, the medical network for a leading gynecologist Beverly Hills and Southern California women turn to first, would like to take the opportunity to remind women that it’s always a good time to consider the threat posed by gynecological cancers. Beverly Hills Physicians is doing its part for breast cancer awareness with its ongoing bra recycling drive, in which gently used bras are prepared and given to breast cancer survivors and other women in need. In addition, the medical group is donating a percentage of its profits from breast procedures during the month of October to a local charity benefitting breast cancer patients. However, it also wants to be sure that women are in touch with their doctors when it comes to watching out for warning signs of ovarian, endometrial, cervical, vulvar, uterine, and vaginal cancer. As with any cancer threat, early detection is the key to a positive outcome.

Cancer awareness is, of course, just one aspect of gynecological wellness. The doctors of Beverly Hills Physicians are able to take care of the full range of health concerns dealing with the female reproductive system. These may include taking care of relatively minor female concerns to providing outstanding vaginal rejuvenation and other procedures that can often greatly help a woman’s sexual life and sense of wellbeing. Beverly Hills Physicians is here to make sure that patients are not only in good physical health, but that they feel as good about themselves as possible, whether through easing fibroid pain or performing labial reduction.

Cancer screening, of course, is among the most urgent of medical matters. Whichever health care provider a woman is using, Beverly Hills Physicians urges women to be proactive in ensuring that any cancers are found as early as possible. While endometrial cancer is more common, ovarian cancer in particular can be deadly if not dealt with early. Approximately one in 60 women develops the cancer and about 10 percent of women possess the gene that creates a higher risk of the illness developing. If surgery is needed, the specialists of Beverly Hills Physicians are skilled at performing laparoscopic hysterectomies on an outpatient basis.

Whether the concern is cancer detection, cosmetic issues, or any other aspect of a woman’s health, where she goes to obtain treatment can make an enormous difference. The finest gynecological and obstetric specialists in Southern California work with Beverly Hills Physicians. Moreover, patients agree that they have provided consistently outstanding care and that the entire staff is completely focused on the welfare of patients.

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